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Why do I need an estate plan?
A well thought out estate plan ensures that your plans for your medical care, guardianship for minor children, and management and distribution of your assets will be carried out according to your wishes and not left to the State or others to deIPCide.
What happens if I don’t have a plan?
What should I consider before I begin?
What's the difference between having a "Will" and a "Living Trust"?
How will I know whether I need a "Will" or a "Living Trust"?
Is a Living Trust valid in all states?
Isn't a Living Trust only for the rich?
Will a Living Trust save on Estate Taxes?
Will a Revocable Living Trust protect my assets should I have to go into a nursing home?
What type of Living Trust do we need?
We are not married; can we still have a Joint Living Trust?
My spouse is not a U.S. citizen; are there any special problems?
What do I have to do after I create a Living Trust?
What should I do if I want to use your services?